Alitherm Heritage Windows

Alitherm Heritage windows have been a popular choice for commercial properties for many years. These windows were originally made from iron then later steel windows were created. After this, galvanised steel became used in the windows. In recent times, however, businesses and homes have come to realise there is an even newer option for these windows – aluminium Alitherm Heritage windows.


We offer to replace windows made with steel and other metals with aluminium Alitherm Heritage windows. Aluminium is more cost effective than steel and also takes less maintenance – there’s no need to paint it or to coat it to prevent rust or corrosion as aluminium doesn’t suffer from either of these problems.


As well as replacing Alitherm Heritage windows with new aluminium versions, we can also replace other types of windows with this tough, durable material. If you have timber, hardwood, oak or stone surrounds, aluminium windows are a perfect solution. They can come in a variety of different colours and finishes to match in with other parts of the house and offer an excellent U-value – meaning they can help save you money on your utility bills by making the property more energy efficient.


We also offer aluminium windows in a variety of styles so if you have a style you like and want to see about having it added to your home, we are happy to chat about it.

Casement Aluminium Windows

Aluminium casement windows create a sleek and contemporary look for any home while offering a modern range of colour options that easily match in with other elements of the house. The frames can be among the thinnest casement windows available and are strong, secure and long-lasting.


Casement windows are a style where the window is attached to the frame with one or more hinges. These are usually around the outside and mean the window opens outwards – two windows are often paired together to open from the centre and completely empty the window frame. They are often made with multiple small panels of glass, originally with leaded glass but now often with the same material as the frame.


Aluminium casement windows take the benefits of the style and add to it the benefits of aluminium. This means the windows will have a very long lifespan while needing almost no maintenance – a simple wash occasionally will keep them looking great. They don’t need painting or staining, won’t rust or corrode and come in a wide range of colours.


Any style of aluminium window also comes with certain guarantees. You can add top quality security to them to lock windows comprehensively. They are also very strong and resistant to weather damage. And they have a very good lifespan so there’s no concern about replacing them any time soon.

Pivot Aluminium Windows

Aluminium pivot windows are a style that are popular in many different homes but are particularly useful for high rise buildings such as apartments and townhouses as well as for offices. With this style of window, there is a central pivot that lets the window move either horizontally or vertically and they rotate 180 degrees. They also come with restrictors, so they can only be opened to certain amount to make it safer and prevent small children opening them too wide that they would fall out.


With the frames made from aluminium, these windows combine the benefits of the style with the benefits of aluminium. Top of that list is that they are virtually maintenance free – there’s no need to repaint them or to stain them and they won’t rust or corrode due to rain exposure. They can also be painted with special paint into any number of different colours to give the look you want or to tie in with other features of the building.


Aluminium has one of the longest lifespans of window frame materials and is also extremely good for insulation. That’s because it doesn’t expand or contract the way wood and sometimes even PVC can in heat or cold.


Pivot windows can be paired alongside other styles of window to create the look and benefits that you want. And with the lifespan of aluminium, these will be low maintenance windows that stay stylish for a long time to come.

Tilt & Turn Aluminium Windows

Aluminium tilt & turn windows are a popular option for homes because they look great and let the most possible light into the room as well as offering unobscured views out of the house. With the tilt and turn mechanism, the window can be turned inwards to let air into the room or the entire sash can turn inwards to let things pass through or to use it as a fire escape.


The addition of aluminium frames to the classic tilt and turn window means you get a host of extra benefits. Aluminium frames come in a wide range of styles and colours to fit in with the look of the house. They are virtually maintenance free and there is no concern about common problems such as rust, corrosion, swelling in heat or due to damp.


Aluminium frames also have an extremely good insulation profile helping to make the house more energy efficient. The tilt and turn styles can be added with mixed and shaped windows, bay windows and other styles to create the look you want. They can even be installed at the same height at doors to pair with sliding or bi-fold doors.


These window styles can handle being large panoramic windows or smaller windows for any room of the house. They let in lots of light and air to any space for better ventilation and a more comfortable room.